On Sale Now: The Loves of Aaron Burr

Yinka Shonibare, MBE at the Morris-Jumel Mansion and Jumel Terrace Books


Yinka Shonibare MBE: Colonial Arrangements. May 1st – August 31st, 2015.  Morris-Jumel Mansion. In Stock Now

AM & FM NYC Circa 1983, playing now at Jumel Terrace Books


SOLID GOLD – 1190 AM & 89.9 FM     SOLID GOLD

Herb Boyd’s City College Harlem History Class at Jumel Terrace Books


Camilla Huey historicizing on The Loves of Aaron Burr Preston & Boyd on Black Detroit & HarlemBookstore cat / Doorman

In Harlem


Art in Transit


In 1983, most New Yorkers didn’t know who Keith was but they loved him.  When Art in Transit came out in ’84 they put it together.  Keith, Kwong, Dan Friedman and I edited down 5000 photos of the subway drawings and handed Harmony Books camera-ready mechanicals so they wouldn’t have to do anything and they didn’t.  [...]

Demons of Disorder

Scan 3

From Demons of Disorder: Early Blackface Minstrels and Their World.  Dale Cockrell. Cambridge University Press, 1997. Dictionarriana ABSTRACT REASONING – Reasoning from principles, as distinguished from the ratiocination of weak minds, who can only reason directly from matters of fact. ACCOMPLISHMENT –  Any acquisition that improves the manners without necessarily strengthening the mind, which renders one [...]

Hip Hop Immortals at Jumel Terrace Books

Books on and of what makes Hip Hop.

What’s Nus de Harlem at Jumel Terrace Books


Paris: 1965. If not rare, scarce enough that I’ve never seen a copy before and very cool. Wonderful gatefolds.

Today in History: Malcolm Memorial at the Audubon Ballroom


And after the Memorial, drop in near by Jumel Terrace Books and bring some Malcolm home for the family.