Goofin’ Off – “Black Employment Month” at Jumel Terrace Books

Crawl out your igloo and dew drop inn for a few laffs and when you do be sure you…

MLK is in.


A selection from Jumel Terrace Books extensive selection on Martin Luther King.  Open his/to-day.

My Compliments…



Black Friday at Jumel Terrace Books

Along with backing into some barrister bookcases we’d lent a friend long enough ago to have forgotten we own them, I inherited a library table this week.  With some fresh stock this was sufficient reason to freshen up for the holidays and reconfigure the bookshop, doing unto myself as I do unto others.  All the [...]

Vintage Black Fashion Show

In stock now at Jumel Terrace Books. (Correction: the music is not “I Say A Little Prayer for You” by Roland Kirk but “Uprising (Parts 1 & 2″ by Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, who first performed in St. Nick’s Pub, 1998.)

“There’s That Pigmeat Man!”


In Stock Now!

New and Noteworthy: In Stock Now!


The rare new release this antiquarian bookshop carries. First printings are certain to be scarce and desirable in no time. Mister James will be by at first convenience to sign your copy. Buy it here and start where it ends. Also note our other new title, ‘The Fashion Guide to Harlem’, the most up-to-date guide [...]

Marlon James’ views of a crime in ‘A Brief History of Seven Killings’


Photo by Carolyn Cole at Jumel Terrace Books.  LA Times Review by By CAROLYN KELLOGG Marlon James’ “A Brief History of Seven Killings,” is a thrilling, ambitious fictionalization of the assassination attempt on Bob Marley in 1976 and the afterlives of Marley’s would-be assassins. Both intense and epic — it’s told in rapid-fire short chapters while clocking [...]

A Brief History of Seven Killings in Brief

All the talk: Sunday afternoon at Jumel Terrace Books.

Evelyn Neal, Camilla Huey, Marlon James (in spirit), & Fab.  All the talk Sunday afternoon at Jumel Terrace Books is A Brief History of Seven Killings.  It’s been a while since the used bookshop’s carried a new book but we’re making an exception.  This week we’re expecting copies we hope you’ll buy from us.  We’ve [...]

Mo’ Pulp : Old Yaller : Touching Tales of the Tar Brush


   In Schlock Now