Harlem: The Fashion Friendly Guide

Harlem: The Fashion Friendly Guide

Jumel Terrace Books, 426 West 160th St. Tel. (212) 928-9525. (W. Ha). Email: kurt@kurtthometz.com.  Open by “appointment, invitation or serendipity,” Kurt Thometz’s bookstore is nearby the landmark Morris-Jumel Mansion (1765) and the “macabrely elegant Trinity Cemetery.”  Specializing in local history, it’s an intellectual open club, welcoming the likes of Fab Five Freddy or Fran Lebowitz [...]

Two Short PB Original Novels by Clarence L. Cooper


Yet Princes Follow / Not We Many

Overcast & Cool. Jumel Terrace Books’ Weekend Reads. Open Sat/Sun.

Jumel Terrace Books


Jumel Terrace Books in-house novelist may be the novelist of the year.

Marlon James

While I am reading the galley of Marlon James’s A Brief History of Seven Killings (both as above) I will reserve judgement but not my enthusiasm.  I really like what it’s got going on.  It is the sort of reading experience I am always up for; a highlife story.  In this, I am not alone.  [...]

New and Upworthy

Lover Man

Apropos Upworthy’s extensive reach, reposting Oresti Tsonopoulos’s Kurt Thometz’s Little Black Bookstore, Jumel Terrace Books has had its biggest day on the internet EVAH!  As a result, I’ve had several mash-notes, but no offers, indecent <sigh> or otherwise, & several curiosity seekers (you couldn’t call them customers) who have all very sincerely promised to come [...]

Tar Beach Reads from Jumel Terrace Books

ATTENTION SMART SHOPPERS!!! Dis ole world getting you down?  Feelin’ like The Invisible Man, with Mr. Charlie giving you the Summertime Blues?  All your sick days used up and, lacking in paid vacation, island hopping between Staten, Roosevelt, Rikers and several prestige-less addresses on Western Long Island?  Like all savvy New Yorkers you know, when it’s [...]

Bookstore Cat Resumes Duties.


Jumel Terrace Books & His Orangeness have resumed their abnormal hours: by appointment, invitation or serendipity.  If the door under the stoop is open and lit, the bookseller is on the premises.

Gone Fishin’

Jumel Terrace Books will be closed June 28 through July 11th.

For Sale: African Arts/Art d’Afrique.

A complete run from Vol. I (1967) – Vol. XXXII (1999) from the library of Judith Gleason.  A very few issues, particularly the earliest, have been clipped towards grangerization and conditions range from a copy that’s still in its mailing packaging (fine) to Good+, the vast majority being in VG+, many quite scarce.  Articles by [...]

G. Keith Alexander for Jumel Terrace Books.

G Keith

Looking for rare and hard to find books about black culture, then you need to go to Kurt’s Little Black Bookshop across from Jumel Terrace in Upper Manhattan. Tell him his friend G. Keith, sent you.