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From The Private Library


Season’s Greetings and All That Jazz

A little splash of round the house fashion in a New Years video greeting card from Jumel Terrace via Deutsche Vogue. Ain’t we spiff?

Bruce Weber: My City, My New York


Books And Weapons


This week’s special at Jumel Terrace Books  

La Vie, Le Monde.

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Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel


Premiering tonight at MOMA, opening Sept 21st in New York, Los Angeles & Paris, Oct 1st, nationally.  I have my last say near the end of the film.

Live from Jumel Terrace Books

Hysterical Literature: Putting the Ass in “Leaves of Grass”

Her deeply moving crescendo to “The Song of Myself” starts 9 minutes in.

Bronze Librarian Thrills


“If you are ever in the New York area and wish to obtain a book, be sure to call on librarian Frances Hamilton at the local library.  The beautiful miss graces the May 1965 cover of Bronze Thrills.  She stands 5 ft. 5 in. tall and weighs only 120.  She has curves that are all in [...]