Sunday morning, February, in the shop.

Adam and I are nearing the end of a bibilophilic dream spree buying as many books as are in the stop for the library of the “significant yacht” its itinerary mirrors, as do the collections.  Where our focus is the Black Atlantic, the ship is sailing for the Black Pacific.

A mess o’ Mesoamerica, under Dion’s self-portrait.

The Black Pacific (extended play)

The Black Pacific at Jumel Terrace Books

In stock


From The Private Library


Season’s Greetings and All That Jazz

A little splash of round the house fashion in a New Years video greeting card from Jumel Terrace via Deutsche Vogue. Ain’t we spiff?

Bruce Weber: My City, My New York


Books And Weapons


This week’s special at Jumel Terrace Books  

La Vie, Le Monde.

Scan 2

Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel


Premiering tonight at MOMA, opening Sept 21st in New York, Los Angeles & Paris, Oct 1st, nationally.  I have my last say near the end of the film.