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Hysterical Literature: Putting the Ass in “Leaves of Grass”

Her deeply moving crescendo to “The Song of Myself” starts 9 minutes in.

Bronze Librarian Thrills


“If you are ever in the New York area and wish to obtain a book, be sure to call on librarian Frances Hamilton at the local library.  The beautiful miss graces the May 1965 cover of Bronze Thrills.  She stands 5 ft. 5 in. tall and weighs only 120.  She has curves that are all in [...]

Now in stock: The Secret History of the Black Pin Up: Women of Color from the Pin Up to Porn. Jim Linderman.


Keep Calm and Carry On

In these dark times solace comes keeping the faith that even atheists believe.  Towards that end booksellers suggest…

The Pleasures of the Library


“Two years ago, I suddenly needed, while doing a tricky translation, to look up something in the Compact Edition of the Oxford English Dictionary, the one that comes with a magnifying glass on account of the very small print – and although it is described as “compact”, it has taken up a lot of room [...]

José Martí visitation at Jumel Terrace Books

JTB Jose Marti

Confidence Men, Feb. Jumel Terrace Books, 2005


I’ve always wanted to write a Confidence Man story for thugs and the women who love them.  A Mookie Jackson story. As I once wrote in a piece on the Ghetto Harlequin phenomenon, regards founding father Daniel Defoe, “One of street literature’s great subjects has always been the highlife player, the big-dicked, bejeweled raconteur/entrepreneur, no [...]

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Bookshelf. Zimbali Retreat, Canaan Mountain, Negril, Jamaica.

Bookshelf. Zimbali Retreat, Canaan Mountain, Negril, Jamaica.

A friend of mine sent me a photo he took of a bookshelf at Zimbali Retreat, a Canaan Mountain eco-lux’ lodge 20 minutes uphill from Negril, Jamaica. And there, low and behold, is Life, as I like to say, Turns Man Up and Down in stellar company.  To my left is a book on Rastafarian [...]