Tar Beach Reads from Jumel Terrace Books


Dis ole world getting you down?  Feelin’ like The Invisible Man, with Mr. Charlie giving you the Summertime Blues?  All your sick days used up and, lacking in paid vacation, island hopping between Staten, Roosevelt, Rikers and several prestige-less addresses on Western Long Island?  Like all savvy New Yorkers you know, when it’s time to elude The Life, there is just one place to go.  If there is a roof over your head you got a tar beach.  Even if you don’t, pack a picnic bag full of bodega goodies, your pipe, the sheet off your roommate’s bed, some WD40 (so many uses!: locks, bug spray, UV filter…), splash on some Aqua Velva and get your Vit’ D-praved ass out from TV land and drift Up On the Roof with a cold one.

And when you do, please remember paperbacks are your way to escape and impress your date.  Jumel Terrace Books’s got ‘em.  Get away from Them-all and indulge yourself.  You don’t got to be improving your mind alla time you’re catching up on your reading.  Turning the page doesn’t have to mean turning over a new leaf.   Your last job end in incarceration?  You can learn from the experts how best elude the consequences.  Ready for Revolution but not much of a joiner? Get behind the Blind Man With a Pistol Not making out in the sack turning you to crack?  Try our one-hand reads.  Conspiracy theorists, wanna be pimps, stick-up kids, nickel-bag salesmen with aspirations to move bulk, sluts with ambitions to be hoes, under-employed career criminals, wiggers in kufis, hoodrats, hoochie and chicken-heads in the know are all stopping and shopping at “the little black bookstore” that could before they hit the stairs or the up button on the elevator to their place in the sun.  As Baudelaire once said, “One day I couldn’t even spell the word drunk and now I am.”  Or something like that.

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  1. Sir Tim Easton says:

    A fine selection

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