Harlem: The Fashion Friendly Guide

Harlem: The Fashion Friendly Guide

Jumel Terrace Books, 426 West 160th St. Tel. (212) 928-9525. (W. Ha). Email: kurt@kurtthometz.com.  Open by “appointment, invitation or serendipity,” Kurt Thometz’s bookstore is nearby the landmark Morris-Jumel Mansion (1765) and the “macabrely elegant Trinity Cemetery.”  Specializing in local history, it’s an intellectual open club, welcoming the likes of Fab Five Freddy or Fran Lebowitz for exclusive readings of the late Gil Scott-Heron or hangouts in the backyard garden.  Touring Harlem with pal David Bailey, photographer Bruce Weber pointed out the venue “with extraordinary books on African culture.”  He says: “I like the fun of that store and the guy who runs it.  I always discover something new here.  David, how did you like it?” – DB: “Oh, I loved it.  I loved him even more when he had two of my books.” (from New York Magazine.)




Actually, I had three.


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