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Raymond R. Patterson.

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Computer Blues – Raymond R. Patterson.  Elemental Blues.  1984.

I put my troubles in the computer

To find out what’s troubling me.

I say I put my troubles in the computer

To see what’s the matter with me.

My card had so many holes,

Holes was all that I could see.

But that ole computer moaned,

That ole computer groaned and cried.

That ole computer moaned,

It just groaned and cried..

It shook so hard, my, my,

It broke right down and died.

Computer man came running

And said I had blowed the fuse.

Computer man came running,

He said, Hey you blowed the fuse.

Ain’t no computer built

That can stand the blues.

Well, if I had just stopped and thought,

I might have knowed,

Ain’t no machine

Can handle that load.


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