Paul Robeson’s thoughts on the Morris Jumel Mansion.

“I am an American. From my window I gaze out upon a scene that reminds me how deep-going are the roots of my people in this land. Across the street, carefully preserved as an historic site, is a colonial mansion that served as a headquarters for General George Washington in 1776, during desperate and losing battles to hold New York against the advancing British. The winter of the following year found Washington and the ragged remnants of his troops encamped at Valley Forge, and among those who came to offer help in that desperate hour was my great-great-grandfather. He was Cyrus Bustill, who was born a slave in New Jersey and had managed to purchase his freedom. He became an baker and it is recorded that George Washington thanked him for supplying bread to the starving Revolutionary Army”

From Here I Stand by Paul Robeson, commenting on his view from his house at 16 Jumel Terrace.

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